Special features

They said it: Current and former NHL players on concussions


With concussions and head-hits back in the NHL spotlight, perhaps it's time to see how former NHL players like Keith Primeau and Eric Lindros are dealing with their post-concussion life.

Video games, not fantasy draft: What the NHL All-Star game SHOULD be


The NHL is taking ideas from fantasy hockey for its All-Star game but if what if they went one step further into video games? A look at some wacky ideas that could spice up the All-Star game.

NHL vs. NBA secondary ticket prices


The common perception is that the NBA is way ahead of the NHL in terms of popularity. One way to gauge that is the supply-and-demand of the secondary ticket market. A look at NHL and NBA secondary...

NHL animal logos: meek or menacing?


Many NHL teams have animals as their mascot, but are their logos meek or menacing? A look at logos, good and bad.

Penn State Hockey And NCAA Expansion


Penn State's arrival to Division I Hockey has the potential to wreck the landscape. Is that necessarily a bad thing?

Ebay's strangest NHL stuff, volume 2


Poker player hockey jerseys, Borat's national hockey team, and a "We Want The Cup" t-shirt for a team that hasn't escaped the first round in 20+ years -- it's Ebay's strangest NHL stuff, volume 2.

Ebay's strangest NHL stuff


Plenty of strange NHL collectibles have come out over the past 100 years, but which have made it on to Ebay? A look at the weirdest, goofiest, and coolest NHL items available for bid.

When is an NHL player's prime age?


Will Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin get even better or have we seen the best of these young stars? An in-depth look at peak age for NHL star players.

Is Guillaume Latendresse Poised For A Fall?


Guillame Latendresse is in for a fall next season, but he's not the only one and he doesn't have the furthest to fall.

Why Cap-Killing Contracts Are More Common Than You Think


Understanding the personnel market is the first step for NHL general managers to avoid the cap-killing contract.


Creating Consistent Standards For NHL Officiating


All hockey fans want from NHL officials is consistency, but the rulebook lacks clarity. Some suggestions on how to create better standards for rule enforcement.

NHL Playoff Officiating: "Let 'Em Play" vs. "By The Book"


Playoff officiating is always controversial, and this year's Stanley Cup playoff games are no different. Should refs let the small stuff go or call it by the book?

Capitals, Blue Jackets, Oilers - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly


Three AHL teams finished in the same spot as their NHL affiliates. one is an amazing story, the other two are peeks inside some organizations that are in trouble.

Eastern Conference Goalie Breakdown


Martin Brodeur is the legend. Ryan Miller is the hero. Marc-Andre Fleury is the defending champ. Which Eastern Conference goalie would you want for the Stanley Cup playoffs?

Western Conference Goalie Breakdown


Which Western Conference goalie holds the advantage

Friday Spotlight: Some Debate


Friday Spotlight: Some Debate

USA Hockey: End of an Era


Keith Tkachuk will retire, Mike Modano may go with him. As these players depart, it's the end of an era of USA Hockey. Come celebrate the greatest American players of a generation.

Who Is The NHL's Greatest Unsung Hero?


From The Rink hands out the Butch Goring award for the unsung hero of the NHL.

NHL Awards Picks


Hart, Norris, Selke, Vezina, and Calder. Who should win each of these NHL awards? Check out FTR's picks.

Friday Spotlight: Draft Pick or Playoff Berth?


Friday Spotlight: Draft Pick or Playoff Berth?

The Reality Of Relocation In The NHL


Relocation is always a hot-button topic in the NHL, but recent events have four to six teams moving. What are the realities of the possible markets?

Friday Spotlight: Playoff Races Heating Up


Friday Spotlight: Playoff Races Heating Up

NCAA Hockey: Alabama-Huntsville Spoils The Party


Alabama-Huntsville makes the NCAA tournament in what could be the final year of the Division I hockey for the program. A first round upset of Miami would be extra sweet.

Do Bruins Fans Want Vengeance Or 2 Points?


Win or revenge? What do Boston Bruins fans want tonight when the Pittsburgh Penguins and Matt Cooke come to town?

The Phoenix Coyotes Starring In Major League


The Phoenix Coyotes are living a real-life version of Major League...which leads to the question, who plays Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn?

Peter Mueller > Wojtek Wolski


Since the trade deadline, Peter Mueller's been a revelation for Colorado. The guy he got traded for? Not so much.

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