Los Angeles Kings Blogger Post-Mortem

We've seen what SBN bloggers representing the Sens, Devils, Sabres, Predators, and Avalanche have had to say about their recent elimination and pending off-season. Now let's turn our sites way out west to sunny California. Here are thoughts on the Los Angeles Kings from Jewels From The Crowns' Connie Kim. (who, I might add, is a fellow UC Davis alum -- go Ags!)

Do you think your team could have gone farther or is this what you expected?
Once the puck dropped in Game 1, I was completely confident that the Kings were going to get to the second round. Luongo? He didn't worry me. The Sedins? Meh; the defense could handle them. But was anyone watching Mikael Samuelsson? That's a negative. Where did he come from?!

Any injuries (previously hidden or known) that made a big impact on the series?

I want to say Justin Williams was still not 100% from breaking a lower extremity a few months back. He was scratched once the Kings started the playoffs, and it was stated that he wasn't performing as expected. I don't think the whole story was officially released because I refuse to believe he all of a sudden dried up and subsequently forgot how to play. A Stanley Cup winner? Yeah, I'll be here when the truth comes out.

Was there a turning point for the series?

Perhaps the 7-2 murdering? I don't want to say this was the game/moment, but when you put together a team firing on all cylinders and a team that can't even pass, I wonder who's going to win.

What does the loss mean for the franchise (fan expectations, market, etc.)?

This loss means that the Kings are on their way to being in the playoffs on a consistent basis for at least a few years to come. They showed they were able to maintain their composure on the ice and in the wins column. Any fans who were thinking the Kings were going to win the Cup this year were out of their minds. And even those who think they failed by getting bounced out in the first round are insane. This team earned their spot in the top 8 and fought as well as they could.

Of course, since they made the playoffs, there will be expectations to make the playoffs for the next few years, which I agree with (I love repeating myself). The upside is that there are clear improvements that will need to get ironed out and I have full faith they will. I am nothing but proud of this team.

-Who do you anticipate losing in the off-season?

Right off the top of my head, Jeff Halpern. Fringe 4th liner the Kings don't need. Also, people want to toss Raitis Ivanans out the window and replace him with Kevin Westgarth. Umm, for those who think Westgarth is better than Ivanans, you clearly haven't watched him play. He's a train wreak on skates and moves at the speed of sludge. People have got to get their heads of out their asses. Also, call me when Rich Clune's shoulders stop popping out of his sockets.

What are the next steps for the franchise?

The next step is to just continue moving forward. Dean Lombardi hasn't veered off his chosen path from what I can tell since he took the reigns in LA. I don't see him doing anything but continue to build this team and franchise.

Go Kings Go.

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