Trade Deadline Update: The Stretch Run

Well, the trade deadline has officially come and gone, though there are always late moves to be announced after the bell (Lee Stempniak is supposedly on the move). We'll have one more post at 4 PM EST to catch up on those. Also, don't forget to check out each team's analysis from their respective SBN blog (linked for each deal).

In the meantime, remember that a full recap and analysis will be up on Rink Side Radio hosted by Joe Fortunato and Travis Hughes. That's coming up at 9 PM EST tonight, and it'll have a full recap and breakdown of the day's news.

Major Trades

Columbus Blue Jackets (The Cannon) send Raffi Torres to the Buffalo Sabres (Die By The Blade) for Nathan Paetsch and a 2nd round pick.
Analysis: Apparently, a lot of teams were in the Raffi Torres hunt, and it looks like the best offer was the combination of a depth defenseman and a 2nd round pick. Torres is a versatile forward that can play different forward positions, win battles on the boards, and offer up a scrappy presence while chipping in a two-way presence. He's the kind of guy you want on your playoff squad for a long run, which is why so many teams called about him. I'm actually surprised that the bidding war didn't produce just a bit more for Torres considering what someone like Chris Kunitz commanded last year (Ryan Whitney, prospect).

Buffalo Sabres (Die By The Blade) send Clarke MacArthur to the Atlanta Thrashers (Bird Watchers Anonymous) for a 3rd and 4th round pick.

Analysis: This is strictly a depth/salary move, as the addition of Raffi Torres mucks up the Buffalo depth chart. MacArthur is RFA after this season and made $1.4 million, and at age 24, he's still got a chance to be an effective 20-goal guy.

Columbus Blue Jackets (The Cannon) send Milan Jurcina to the Washington Capitals (Japers' Rink) for a 6th round pick.

Analysis: Caps GM George McPhee must have liked what he saw out of Jurcina for Team Slovakia at the Olympics as he brings him back to Washington. Jurcina only played 17 games for the Blue Jackets, and the Caps know what they're getting with him.

Minor Trades
Calgary Flames (Matchsticks & Gasoline) send Curtis Mcelhinney to the Anaheim Ducks (Anaheim Calling) for Vesa Toskala
Analysis: Well, it's not really a major trade since it's essentially swapping backups, but it does involve names that we all know. The curious aspect is the Darryl Sutter connection, since Sutter was the coach that ran with the Miikka Kiprusoff/Vesa Toskala combination back in the ill-fated 2002-03 San Jose Sharks season. That year, Evgeni Nabokov was a contract holdout and Kiprusoff was given the starter role for about a dozen games with Toskala as the backup. Kipper played poorly and then was shipped off to Calgary -- and we all know what happened then.

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