Great moments in uncensored NHL broadcasts

Oh, live television -- you do wonders at pro sporting event. You catch players candidly talking smack to each other for the pleasure of the home viewing audience (and we'll wait and see how much HBO and the NHL censor the upcoming Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals 24/7 series); sometimes, you even catch James Wisniewski making lewd gestures to noted fashionista Sean Avery.

I'm so glad we have DVRs and YouTube now; otherwise, 90% of this stuff would only be word-of-mouth. One of my favorite moments occurred during the 1999 All-Star game hosted by the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Backstreet Boys were at the height of their boy-band fame and were tapped to sing the national anthem. As they crooned out the Star Spangled Banner, the camera went live from player to player on the both the North American team and the World Team. When it got to the duo of Keith Tkachuk and Ray Bourque, Tkachuk leaned over to Bourque and said, "What the &*!# is this *%$!?"

Oh, how I wish I could find a clip of that on YouTube. It may not exist on the magical inter-webs, but there's still plenty of NSFW hockey fun for all to enjoy. So here's your disclaimer: After the jump, you'll find a collection of videos where the censors weren't paying attention despite the fact that it's live TV. There's cursing involved, from the straightforward to the creative. If you weren't offended by Wisniewski's gesture, you'll get a kick out of this. If you were offended by that, well, this might not be your cup o' tea. And for those around kids or at work, unless you have headphones, please do save this for later.

Pro sports is family entertainment in the way that parent and kids can bond over the competition, the athleticism, the thrills of victory. Just don't let the wee ones hear what's being said on the ice.

We'll start with something simple. Mike Comrie was not happy with the way the New Jersey Devils played him as he charged the net, and he let the ref know.

Mike Comrie swears at the Ref (via carver98)

Translation: "Dear sir, I believe there should have been a penalty on that play. Please note it for future consideration. Thank you."

Jonathan Toews is known as Captain Serious because the dude can't crack smile, even when he wins the Conn Smythe trophy. But maybe it's because he was worried that if his emotions got the better of him, he'd make a flub on live TV, just like he did hear at the World Junior Championships.

Jonathan Toews Swears (via Exzellent)

We all know Rick Dipietro's career has been marred by injuries, and it's one of those bad bits of luck that one of his major re-injuries occurred during the NHL All-Star skills competition. Now here's a fun exercise in role-playing -- pretend you're New York Islanders owner Charles Wang and you're watching the live broadcast to see how your franchise goalie does. Have you assumed Wang's thoughts and feelings? Ok, now press play below.

Rick DiPietro's Open Mic (via FireJayMariotti)

New York Rangers coach John Tortorella doesn't mince words with anyone, and if you're on his bad side, he'll let you know. In that way, he's a quintessential New Yorker. Here we revisit his much publicized feud with NY Post writer Larry Brooks -- "Brooksie", as he's known to Tortorella. Yes, sometimes you just shouldn't go there.

John Tortorella news conference (via Fungii001)

Tortorella may have mastered the semi-calm snark of a post-game presser, but let's get a little bit of heat-of-the-moment action. Here's a little bit of live after-the-whistle commentary during a New York Rangers/New Jersey Devils game; for some reason, Mike Rupp has a problem with Paul Mara's cat.

NYR vs Devils 4/13 : Swearing during brawl (via solayedbacc)

You want to go old school trash talking? Here's a live look at what happens between the benches with Tim Hunter and Dave Brown. No real setup necessary, just play and enjoy.

Tim Hunter Has A Talk With Dave Brown (via proberthull24)

Now, the mother of all hockey trash talking clips has to go way back to Kevin Stevens and Brian Trottier mercilessly berating Brian Bellows during the Stanley Cup Final between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Minnesota North Stars. Some of this stuff almost feels like Mad Libs for trash talking, as it's just a random assortment of words with the F-bomb thrown in as a descriptor. If you've never seen this clip before, prepare to be amazed.

Stevens and Trottier Heckling Bellows (Long Version) (via svb4)

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